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Professional Approach in Car Removal Bathurst

Worrying about selling your Damaged, Old or Unwanted Car? Bathurst Car Removal is for you! We service the areas of Bathurst, Kelso, Eglinton, West Bathurst, Llanarth, South Bathurst, Gormans Hill, Windradyne, Windradyne Heights, Abercrombie Estate and Marsden Estate.

At Bathurst Car Removal, we strive to provide all our customers with the highest quality service. We offer great price for your Unwanted, Damaged, Old vehicles.

Having over many years of experience as a Cash for Car Removal company, we know the challenge you face in getting rid of your Unwanted Car. We are professionals who buy, Dismantle and Recycle Old, Broken, Accident motors. We do Scraping metals for years now.

Bathurst Car Removal company is a licensed and insured company.

We Buy All Kinds of Motors:

We Accept Every Condition:

  • Old
  • Damaged
  • Broken
  • Accident
  • Wrecked
  • Newly used (as long as you don’t want it)

We Approve All Brands

Let us Scrap your metal and vehicle parts. To sell your Unwanted Car, call 02 8011 1075.

Exclusive Facilities

Our experts at Bathurst Car Removal have relevant skills and expertise to provide you with unbeatable service. Our professional services include:

It Is All About You

Our service and our price are all for you. We understand the challenge you face when you want to sell your Unwanted Car. The advertisement doesn’t work, neither does calling a towing company.

If you need to earn extra money and have a Broken Car, we will buy it from you! Regardless of the condition of your vehicle, we are ready to pay $100 to $6,000 in cash, instantly, right on the spot!

Because we care about you and our environment, we do eco-friendly Dismantling and Recycling. We have our own Scrapyard. We don’t want you to discard your Broken vehicle anywhere or at any Scrapyard.

At Bathurst Car Removal, you are guaranteed to receive a Free Car Removal service.

We Are Reachable

You don’t have to wait for days to get hold of us. You also don’t have to wait for our appointment:

  • Call – Make a phone call and our helpful staff will answer
  • Talk – Talk to us. Tell us about yourself and your vehicle
  • Listen – Listen to our estimated price for your car. You can accept or decline it
  • Confirm – You will confirm the date, time and place for us to come.
  • Arrival – Our experienced staff will arrive at your destination with the proper documents. These documents are required for a smooth hand over of the vehicle. We will complete everything on your behalf. You will just sign.
  • Inspection – Our staff will further inspect your vehicle
  • Instant Cash – You will receive Instant Cash, right on the spot!
  • Free Tow Away – We will Remove your vehicle for Free!

Before we arrive at your location, prepare the following:

Company Overview

  • We are experienced Cash for Car Removal and Scrap metal company in Bathurst
  • Our company is licensed and insured
  • We strive to provide the best customer service
  • Our company pays from $100 to $6,000 for all kinds and conditioned vehicles
  • We provide eco-friendly Dismantling and Recycling
  • We have our own Scrapyard
  • Free Car Removal service
  • Trusted and reliable staff
  • Your preferred date, time and place

Contact Us

You don’t have to wait anymore. Sell your Unwanted Car to us. Call 02 8011 1075.

“No one wanted to buy our damaged BMW. After looking for a good company, we found Bathurst Car Removal. They came, inspected and bought our car for a good price. Totally happy with the service and the price!” - Fred

“Excellent service and absolutely satisfied with the price we received! Highly recommended!” - Michael

“Everything great about this company- on time, friendly staff, good money!” - Amanda

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